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Journal of Education and Literature

Print ISSN: 2313-383X

Online ISSN: 2313-318X

Journal of Education and Literature (JEL) is an internationally peer reviewed journal published by Research Academy of Social Sciences (RASS). JEL publishes high quality theoretical and empirical papers that significantly contribute to the discipline of Education and Literature studies i.e.Educational development, Social development, Curriculum development, Pedagogy and learning, Educational management and administration, Professional development of teachers, E-and blended learning in schools and universities, Bilingual education, Globalization and education, Immersion Education, Co-operative education, The accreditation of prior learning, Teaching methods, Culture and society, Materialities of schooling, Indigenous education, New teacher induction and early professional learning, Curricular innovation, Campus greening, Operational aspects of universities, Internationalization of the business curriculum, Quality Assurance in Higher, Primary, Secondary and Professional Education, Educational testing and measurement, Language & Literature, Literature by Geographic Area, Literary/Critical Theory, 17th Century Literature, Early Modern History 1500-1750, Art & Visual Culture, Theatre & Performance Studies.